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 hoja noun_69532_ccpng We are a professional team, young, interdisciplinary, and always striving for excellence, our staff also has right amount of human touch and is always willing to listen and advise you on what you need. Cosmetic Studio Eldorado offers relaxation, health and beauty services, for which we have qualified and experienced staff to offer excellent service to our clients.

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  • We have flexible opening hours. Simply make an appointment by phone.
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For several years I have studied with great enthusiasm and a lot of effort, today is the day to show you a part of this effort. My EMR certificate endorses me to provide you with the Acupressure service.

Acupressure: Definition: Acupressure (from the Latin "acus" = point, needle, arc and "pressus" = pressure) is a pressure massage treatment of acupuncture points. It belongs to the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

As a recognized therapist, acupressure therapy can be billed through supplemental insurance from health insurance companies. However, you should always ask your health insurance company in advance if the costs of the sessions will be covered

Experience Medical Register EMR.:


Bio-Medica Basel graduate in acupresurate therapy:

We have flexible opening hours. Simply make an appointment by phone; Mobile: 079 2838384

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