hoja noun_69532_ccpng Manicure

Treatment and care of Hands and Nails

Our hands have an huge capacity for communication. They personalize our gestures, reveal our personality, transmit emotions and demonstrate feelings. Exposed permanently to the wind, to the cold, to the water or to the soap sometimes we do not usually lend them the attention that they deserve. But in order to maintain a well-kept and beautiful hands, it is essential to carry out a proper manicure service.  

Careful hands and nails can tell a lot about a person. They are our letter of introduction to the world. They express how we are and who we are. They are the reflection of our personality and complement our image. Proper professional manicure treatment is not just a series of steps designed to beautify the hands, it should also be a ritual of pleasurable beauty.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng In Cosmetic Eldorado, we have integrated a complete line of manicures that adapt to all needs, agendas and budgets. Now you have no more excuses to find a place and let us pamper your hands.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng Classic Manicure

We employ 60 minutes making your nails

Guaranteed durability of perfect nails 1 week.

First remove any remaining nail polish that you have from the previous manicure and after putting your hands in hot water, cut the nails in the desired length. We file the nails, according to the shape you want. With an orange stick, we push up the cuticle. After carrying out a deep hydration of the hands, we let the product act so that it is absorbed well. Now you will choose what colour you want to look. Then the nail polish will be applied in three phases.

Be sure to rebook your next appointment before you leave.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng  Manicure with Shellac Technique

We employ 90 minutes making your nails.

Guaranteed durability of perfect nails 2 weeks.

It does not matter if you wash the dishes by hand, and also type the keyboard. This vegan manicure endures everything: Gym, cooking or cleaning the house. What you can think of! This procedure is done without the use of water and is done directly on your nails.

This manicure is endorsed by the American firm CND, and what is special is that it is considered a middle ground between traditional nail polish and gel, promising to maintain the chosen colour for 14 to 25 days on the nails without getting up.

The durability can vary because the nail grows and then it becomes too evident the space between where there is colour and the new nail, but not because after fourteen days the product has fallen, since to be removed from the nails we must return to the cosmetic center.

How it is performed?

First we perform the manicure to eliminate cuticles and we shape the nails. The next step will be to clean completely the nail so that the products adhere well, no lathe is passed over the nail (which is very good) since the use of the lathe ends up weakening the nails.

Then it is cleaned well so that there is no fatty residue, the nail is exfoliated. So we start by applying a layer of a base product, this product will help strengthen the nail and to fix the colour better. After that we put your hand into the ultraviolet light lamp to dry it during a time less than one minute.

Then, after applying the colour tone you want we put your hand back in the lamp. This is done twice. Finally, a layer of gloss is applied, which will make the colour look much more beautiful and intense, once again it is sealing off with the UV lamp. 

As you can guess the secret of this technique lies in the sealing that occurs after each application under the lamp. 

Guarantee of 14 to 25 days, although this depends on the growth of your nails. 

Remember to schedule your appointment to renew or withdraw the Shellac. This product cannot be removed with commercial solvents.

hoja noun_69532_ccpngArtificial Nails, Acrygel gel acrylic.
  • Fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, nail wraps,    or nail extensions.
PolyGel  Acrygel  Technic Manicure

We use 120 minutes in the preparation of your nails.
Guaranteed durability of perfect nails 4 weeks

Mainly used to beautify the hands especially for special occasions, marriage, job interviews, gala night, exclusive events, exhibitions, etc. but they are also very common to lengthen natural nails or to correct bad habits such as biting the nails, a disease known as onychophagia. The application of acrylic nails is therefore something more complicated than other types, since it must be performed by a specialist. The steps and processes are made with various products and a series of dried and sealed different. Gel nails last 4 weeks and then need to be maintained, because the space between the nail and the cuticle will be very evident. This maintenance process is commonly called refill.

Gelish´s Polygel created Polygel Acrygel with the desire to offer a product that serves both for technique of gel and acrylic. Its features are: does not carry the odour, not dry until you cures with UV lamp and it can be molded.  You can file very easily and lengthen the nail as much as the customer wants. So you can take them long or short, and decorate them with the glazing of nails your choice.

How it is performed?

Your nails are cut and filed , giving it a rounded shape. Then, use a nail file of higher density to remove the residues of old treatments and so that the new gel clings more easily to the nail; then they are cleaned with acetone. With an orange stick we drag back the cuticles without cutting them and carefully so that later the gel does not come into contact with them. After choosing the base of nails or tip you want, apply a drop of glue on it and another drop on your nail and stick it on the white of your nail.

Once these are well adhered we cut to the desired length. Let's file and give the new nails the shape you want. With the brush we take a layer of gel and it extends through your nail. Then in the drying lamp we put them for 3-5 minutes and clean the excess gel. This is done twice. Once again we polish the nail with the file and apply the final layer as if it were a nail polish. Now decorate your new nails to get a more spectacular look. 

It is important that this procedure is done by an experienced cosmetologist because this procedure completely seals the natural surface of the nail, so that fungi can be produced by not having enough care. Remember : To remove the gel nails it is necessary to have time, because your fingers will be impregnated by pure acetone for 10 minutes, then the remaining remains will be smoothed, and after applying different moisturizers you will need a traditional manicure (at least) to recover slowly your natural nails.

Please schedule your appointment to refill or remove the Polygel. This product is difficult to remove with commercial solvents.