Facial treatments

hoja noun_69532_ccpng Facial Treatments

Facial cleansing is an essential routine to maintain the hygiene of facial skin. Dirt and environmental pollution, makeup and even stress are some factors that cause the skin to accumulate dirt and lose vitality, freshness and luminosity. As much as you clean your skin daily, it gets dirty every day.
The care of the face is important to maintain the smoothness, elasticity and firmness of the skin. Facial beauty treatments done by professionals are also beneficial, relaxing, educational.
  ⁂ Cleaning: Deep cleaning removes impurities from the skin and excess oil.
  ⁂ Massage: Massage is the most relaxing part of the facial. Massage helps the skin balance energy.
  ⁂ Steam: The steam opens the pores helped in this way to extract impurities more easily.
  ⁂ Extraction: Manual or machine removal removes blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and pimples. The pimples should only be removed by professionals to avoid infections and other skin damage.
  ⁂ Mask: The mask helps to normalize the skin after cleaning. The mask depends on the type of skin.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng Eyelash Extensions

Absolutely natural, synthetic eyelashes are attached individually - eyelash for eyelashes - to your own eyelashes. And that with lasting durability until the natural change of the eyelashes. Through our eyelash extensions we achieve more density, more length and perfect emphasis on your eyes.

⁂ Set 1: 1 | 60 '| 70 CHF
In the 1: 1 method or technique, only one artificial eyelash is applied to a real eyelash.
⁂ Set 2D | 90 '| 100 CHF
In the volume technique, two eyelashes can be glued on an eyelash. In 2D look e.g. 2 synthetic eyelashes are glued on a real eyelash.
⁂ Set 3D | 120 '| 140 CHF
In the volume technique, several eyelashes can be glued on an eyelash. In 3D look e.g. 3 synthetic eyelashes are glued on a real eyelash.

This beautiful technique is professionally made by Carmen Andreea please make your reservation directly at tel: 0763022265

hoja noun_69532_ccpng Microdermabrasion
A microdermabrasion facial treatment is an advanced skin exfoliation treatment that uses crystals to remove dead skin cells, revealing newer and fresher skin. The crystals are blown on the surface of the skin under pressure and sucked simultaneously. This process of skin rejuvenation stimulates circulation and cell renewal.
Microdermabrasion facials can also help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and detoxify the skin.
A microdermabrasion cools the skin, perfects the pores and congested skin. It stimulates the creation of collagen and increases cellular renewal so that your skin feels smoother and has an improved texture.