Permanent Make-up

hoja noun_69532_ccpngPermanent make-up Micropigmentation

A permanent makeup that always stays perfectly? Thanks to the technique of micropigmentation, you can forget about making eyeliner or eyebrows every day, and you can even draw a beauty mark where you like it! Save time and money with this revolutionary technique that will forever change your style of makeup.

Who has never dreamed of getting up with a perfect make-up?

For all those who want a perfect make-up every day, whether for professional reasons, or just private, permanent make-up is a practical solution. In the following we explain what a permanent make-up is about:

Although the technique of micropigmentation is similar to a tattoo, some differences need to be considered. First and foremost, it is important to know that a tattoo is permanent, while a micro pigmentation is semi-permanent. Tattoos are made deeper in our skin, so you are much more aggressive. The needles of the machines used for tattoos may reach an approximate depth of 2 millimeters below our skin, while the cannulas used with the technique of micropigmentation and developed for this purpose (demograph) are only about 0.2 or 0.5 Mm penetrates. They are specially developed for the facial area with the fine class of skin (eyelids, dark circles, eyebrows, lips, etc.). Another important difference between micropigmentation and tattooing are the pigments used. The technique of micropigmentation uses many more selective pigments, and meet a series of health standards, apart from that they must be hypoallergenic to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

If you decide for a micropigmentation:

1. Make sure that the needles and equipment are sterilized because they can cause infections or allergies. If you have very sensitive skin, it can also cause scarring.

2. Do not schedule the appointment during menstruation because women are more sensitive this time.

3. Please note following instructions after treatment:

Regular care with suitable products

Avoid direct sunlight

Clean the skin well

Avoid foods high in sodium (it could retain water, which promotes inflammation).