hoja noun_69532_ccpng   Pedicure

The feet have always been the forgotten ones. We rely on them throughout the day, they take us everywhere and sometimes even suffer the torture of inadequate shoes. But despite being one of the most important parts of our body, we often do not pay the attention they deserve. To keep them healthy and help them to continue supporting our pace of life, it is essential to take care and pamper our feet.

The services of a professional pedicure include care that goes beyond the good aspect of the nails, they also concentrate on the good health of the foot. Receiving pedicure sessions should usually be understood as a routine of personal care. For this it would be convenient to carry them out every month or every month and a half. Do not forget that pedicures are more than a beauty treatment, they are a spa experience from which the feet come completely renewed.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng In Cosmetic Studio Eldorado we know that not everyone is the same. For this reason we have incorporated a complete line of services for all types of feet and pockets. Let yourself be cared for by good professionals and you will leave the center with new and soft feet.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng Classic Pedicure

We invest 60 minutes in the preparation of your pedicure.

Guaranteed durability of perfect nails 3 weeks

We begin to disinfect your feet in a hot water bath with suitable products. Then with a soap solution you get a massage and then we remove the enamel from the previous pedicure. After we have performed the necessary exfoliation, we gently massage your foot again. We continue to cut your nails and cleanse the skin around the toenails. With special products we remove the cornea and the impurities of the skin, then disinfect them and apply a cream for the reflexology. Finally, we apply the desired color in four phases. First, a hardening base, then two layers of paint and finally a gloss layer is applied, which makes their chosen color appear much more beautiful and intense.

Please do not forget to rebook your next appointment before you leave.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng  Reflexology

Although it is commonly known as a foot massage, reflexology is based on the therapy theory of the area. That is, that the different parts of the body are the reflection in the soles of the feet. And therefore, it is like massaging those the organs, muscles or other parts of the body through your foot. These treatment stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body. You can add another 15 minutes to your pedicure to enjoy this therapy for 20CHF. Cheer up, enjoy and refresh your mood.