Waxing Depilation

hoja noun_69532_ccpngWaxing Depilation

Hair removal is a process that is carried out to eliminate the hair that covers the skin. It is usual to develop on certain body regions that, for aesthetic, social or hygienic reasons, are intended to keep hair free. Despite being one of the oldest methods, hot wax is still one of the most preferred due to its effectiveness, durability and ease of application.

hoja noun_69532_ccpng In Cosmetic Studio Eldorado we use depilatory waxes proven by their emollient, moisturizing and softening components, which leave the skin perfectly depilated and smooth. After performing the depilation, the patient receives hydration in the depilated area.

This method is precious because it leaves the skin very soft, since the heat helps to open the pores of the skin and the hair leaves the root more easily. The resin melts and achieves a complete grip of the follicle. Therefore, the sensation of softness on the skin is even greater than with other methods. Due to its high durability we will only need to shave once a month. Used for legs, arms, chest,groin and armpits. Over time and the constant use of this method, the hair comes out thinner and weaker. The hair can be shaved from 2 mm in length. In addition, it is a totally hygienic method since the wax is for a single use and it is not reused.